Fall Layers: Transitioning from #endofsummer to #fallstyle


As we prepare our taste buds for Starbucks pumpkin spice latte (make sure your app is in good working condition to skip the wait, no seriously!) and numerous other sugar filled goodies, one cannot simply forget those AMAZING end of summer sales where you can find a few last minute gems. T shirts, skirts, distressed denim, gamer apparel and an endless variety of accessories are essential to prepare your closet for the transition from summer to fall. Don’t know where to start or how to finish? No worries, we got you covered! Here are a few tips to get the most out of your wardrobe year round by blending summer favorites with some practical fall staples.


Seasonal transitions can seem difficult at times but it’s really just as simple as adding a piece to your look that wasn’t incorporated before. Adding a deep colored long sleeve top can make all of the difference when trying to extend summer attire from pastels and neons to warm earthy tones. Whether you’re dressing down at the office or just looking to hang out around town with friends, rust colors and jewel tones help to pull summer wardrobes into fall. Layering up with a military style cargo or leather jacket with a t shirt and denim can also be great for simple and functional style. A jacket or blazer can stretch your wardrobe by allowing you to create new combinations and always look put together and polished.


Remember when it was an utter cliché if someone dared to wear white after Labor Day? Or even worse wearing navy and black? Don’t limit your fall wardrobe by spending too much time thinking about if an outfit is fall appropriate. It’s always best to just keep it simple and don’t allow yourself to become bogged down by trying follow all of the “rules”. Feel care free to wear white and add some rich textures to create the perfect winter white look. If you feel great, as you should coming into ANY new season, and your clothes are weather appropriate, you’ve won half the battle of wardrobe!


When the weather begins to cool down, we begin to have no other choice but to become open minded and find alternative ways to stay saucy! Be sure to break out those statement jackets but don’t break your bank in the process. Always try layering up but try not to layer everything all at once! If you invest in versatile staple pieces, you’ll have about a trillion easy stylish fall outfits. Being creative and finding ways to expand your summer wardrobe gives you plenty of extra money to splurge on winter clothes along with some football, food, and fun! And how could we forget tailgating?!